C&E Introduces Its Newest Supplier: AZ Pneumatics

C&E is excited to be partnered with AZ Pneumatics as their exclusive provider in OH, IN, KY and TN.

AZ Pneumatics has been well known for over thirty years as a respected worldwide manufacturer of fine pneumatic valves, actuators and ancillary components. Particularly skilled in custom design, AZ Pneumatics can produce OEM to the client’s own specification. The company has recently expanded into larger premises and just granted C&E exclusive distribution rights for the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee regions.

Mainly known for its artisan like approach to manufacturing, AZ Pneumatics has always strived to deliver products that match its promise to excellence which has lead to a level of craftmanship second to none. Every component is 200% tested, once after an automated assmbly process and again after the final manual assembly. Its state of the art manufacturing plants, alongside its highly trained and seasoned professional workforce, puts AZ Pneumatics in a league of its own. They have pioneered some of the world’s most acclaimed valve and cylinder designs. Their products are featured in catalogues of some of the top 10 pneumatic valve manufacturers in the world. They're an undisputed leader in the pneumatic sector and C&E is excited to offer these revolutionary products to our customers. 

"AZ Pneumatics product line compliments C&E's current pneumatic solutions perfectly." stated C&E's Motion Product Manager Teri Shaub. "This partnership also allows us to offer our customers new solution options such as, quick exhaust and slow start values as well as some other products that are unique to AZ Pneumatics." 

C&E looks forward to demonstrating AZ Pnematics products throughout our service area. According to Shaub, this addition gives C&E a big advantage when it comes to proving our customers a complete solution for their unique motion applications.


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