NEW Soft Gripper from OnRobot

Pick and handle delicate objects even with irregular shapes.

OnRobot now offers a Soft Gripper that is able to handle a wide array of irregular shapes and delicate objects in food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production, as well as manufacturing or packaging. The Soft Gripper picks up almost any small object up to 2.2 kg/4.85 lbs (payload based on shape, softness and friction of items to be handled) with a delicate, precise touch. 

  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR for non-fatty items and EC 1935/2004
  • Flexible, interchangeable silicon cups in star and four-finger configuration
  • No air supply needed 
  • Fast, flexible deployment 
 To get a quote or more information contact your local Technology Consultant                   or call 800-228-2790.


Soft Gripper Data Sheet                                     

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