Prevent Downtime Using Double Sheet Detection

Double Sheet Detection prevents two or more metal sheets or a sheet with improper thickness from entering a production process 

Multiple sheets or a sheet with improper thickness can cause sever damage to tools and dies as well as secondary equipment. Repair costs can be expensive, especially if it leads to a complete or partial shutdown. 

Double Sheet Detector Sensor, Fire Fighting & Prevention Products ...

Prime Controls has developed multiple products that can detect sheets of varying thickness and composition so it doesn't matter if it's steel, aluminum, or any other metal there's a solution. Most products utilize an electromagnetic smart sensor that will measure the thickness. Prime Controls also offers products that are designed for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous parts. This helps identify the presence of visible or hidden metal within an assembly, making it ideal for quality control applications.

To learn more about Prime Control's double sheet detectors check out their Keep The Production Line Moving document or contact us at 800-228-2790 and speak with one of our specialist. We're here to help.


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