C&E Advanced Technologies Introduces New Company Mascot CEntroneer™

  • February 20, 2020

Powered by CEntelligence, illustrated robot character becomes part of the C&E brand.

Midwest industrial automation distributor C&E Advanced Technologies has announced a new addition to their company brand profile, an intelligent super hero robot named CEntroneer. Complete with his own origin story and theme song, CEntroneer will be accompanying C&E branded marketing publishing across all platforms, both traditional and digital. Expect to see him popping up to save the day on just about everything C&E: business cards, product line cards, as a stand up cutout at events, as the new chat icon on the C&E website, on social media and even in video.

As a supplier to industry of all things automation and as an exclusive partner with several major robotics manufacturers, a robot mascot just makes sense for C&E. In fact, CEntroneer's design even places several of the company's product offerings into his body structure. In addition to the functional components of the character, the new caped hero also dons the C&E signature red and grey brand colors along with the C&E logo centered on his torso.

The new branding project was led by Principal Joel Braun and executed by the C&E marketing team. Centered around illustrations created by Courtney Braun, they spent several months developing every aspect of the CEntroneer design and story.

"As we looked for additional ways to promote our capabilities to Customers in our market space, we wanted a symbol that would help people remember who we are and our brand," said Braun. "With the popularity today of the Marvel and DC Comics we set out to create an image and representation of what C&E Advanced Technologies could bring to Customers. Our character, CEntroneer, represents a conglomeration of all products and technology that C&E can pull together and provide as a single solution."

CEntelligence, the information system that powers CEntroneer is defined as: a powerful body of knowledge assembled from over a 1,000 years of cumulative experience on the C&E Advanced Technologies team of specialists, designed to deliver custom automation solutions with a focus on making clients more capable and successful. C&E expects that instituting CEntelligence will help to empower both their sales people and customers, providing them with the confidence that one of the top automation companies in the country will always be there with the right solution in a time of need.

CEntelligence is, as the definition describes, the wealth of knowledge our employees represent within our industry," Braun added, "It's our hope that customers look to these two brand elements and find the resources that will make them successful."

To accompany the launch of the CEntroneer mascot, C&E created an animated short that tells the origin story of the brave and brilliant bot. In it, details reveal where and when CEntroneer is assembled and even some clues about a villain in a potential ongoing saga. C&E invites you to explore this new adventurous facet of their brand by enjoying the video below and by interacting with the new chat icon at ceadvancedtech.com.

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